I Have Won !!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone, today i am very happy because i have won in the game Persona 4. The creature that i have to fight is very strong and annoying. There are two stages, the first one is to beat the creature name Izanami and then i must fight with the real boss and its name is Izanami No Okami.
The final battle in Persona 4 is a bit different campare to the Persona 3.In Persona 4 i have to beat the the real boss before before entering the cutscene to see the ending. But in Persona 3 i have only have to beat the Death and just relax to see the ending. The ending in Persona 4 is not that bad because the main character did not died. For me, i enjoy playing this game and i am very satisfied with the ending. Thats all guys good bye.

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