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I know that everybody love to play games. I also like to play games like all of you. There are many kind of games at the store but i prefer RPG games instead of other games. As you all can see, I have posted a few of game RPG that I have recently play. There are still many kind of RPG games that i have not playing yet. For know, i'm still waiting for game Persona 4 to come out. My brother has inform me that the persona 4 has already came out and ask him to buy it for me. For all of you who wants to try playing this kind of games i suggest that you play Final Fantasy X for your first try. Final Fantasy X is a very best games RPG i have ever play.That's all for today.

Game RPG

Final Fantasy X-2

Final Fantasy X-2 (ファイナルファンタジーX-2 Fainaru Fantajī Ten-Ts) is a console role-playing game developed and published by Square (now Square Enix) for Sony's PlayStation 2. It was released in 2003 and is the sequel to the best-selling 2001 game Final Fantasy X. The game's story follows the character Yuna from Final Fantasy X as she seeks to resolve political conflicts in the fictional world of Spira before it leads to war.

Final Fantasy X-2 set several precedents in the Final Fantasy series aside from being the first direct sequel in video game form and the second sequel in the franchise, after the anime Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals. It was the first game in the series to feature only three playable characters, an all-female main cast, and early access to most of the game's locations. Additionally, it featured a variation of the character classes system—one of the series' classic gameplay concepts—and is one of the few games in the series to feature multiple endings.

The game was positively received by critics and was commercially successful. After nine months of being released in Japan, it sold a million copies in North America, and approximately four million copies worldwide. Final Fantasy X-2 was voted as the 32nd best game of all time by the readers of Famitsu. The English version of the game won an award for "Outstanding Achievement in Character Performance" at the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences in 2004. The game has attained a rating of 86% on Game Rankings and an 85% rating on Metacritic.

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X (ファイナルファンタジーX Fainaru Fantajī Ten) is a console role-playing game developed and published by Square (now Square Enix) as the tenth installment in the Final Fantasy series. It was released in 2001 for Sony's PlayStation 2. The game marks the Final Fantasy series' transition from entirely pre-rendered backdrops to fully three-dimensional areas, and is also the first in the series to feature voice actors. Final Fantasy X replaces the Active Time Battle (ATB) system with a new Conditional Turn-Based Battle (CTB) system, and uses a new leveling system called the "Sphere Grid".

Set in the fantasy world of Spira, the game's story centers around a group of adventurers and their quest to defeat a rampaging force known as "Sin". The player character is Tidus, a blitzball star who finds himself in Spira after his home city of Zanarkand is destroyed by Sin. During the game, Tidus, along with several others, aids the summoner Yuna on her pilgrimage to destroy Sin.

Development of Final Fantasy X began in 1999, with a budget of more than US$32.3 million and a team of more than 100 people. The game was the first in the main series not entirely scored by Nobuo Uematsu; Masashi Hamauzu and Junya Nakano were signed as Uematsu's fellow composers. Final Fantasy X was both a critical and commercial success. It was voted by the readers of the Japanese video game magazine Famitsu to be the greatest video game of all-time. As of January 20, 2004, the game has sold around 6.6 million units worldwide. In 2003, it was followed by a direct sequel; Final Fantasy X-2.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 (ルソナ3 Perusona 3) is the third video game in the Persona console RPG series. The game was developed and published by Atlus for the Sony PlayStation 2 console system. Persona 3 was released in Japan on July 13, 2006, was set to be released in North America on July 24, 2007, but was delayed to August 14, 2007 (due to a manufacturing error with the Persona 3 art book),[1] and was released in Europe and Australia on February 29, 2008. An add-on chapter and enhanced original game, entitled Persona 3 FES was released in Japan on April 19, 2007, and in North America on April 22, 2008. It was released in Europe on October 17, 2008.

The game has the player take the role of a male high-school student who joins up with other members of SEES—the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad—to attack Shadows and other beings that emerge during the "Dark Hour", a time period between each day which only few humans are aware of. The player uses weapons and magical abilities gained by the use of "Personas" to defeat foes in a turn-based combat system. An iconic feature of the game is the method by which the members of SEES release their Personas: by firing an Evoker, a gun-like object, at their head. In addition to typical RPG elements, the game includes elements of dating simulation games as the player character progresses day by day through a school year, making friends and relationships that improve the strength of his Personas in battle.

Digimon World Data Squad

Digimon World Data Squad
(デジモンセイバーズ アナザーミッション Dejimon Seibāzu Anazā Misshon, 'Digimon Savers: Another Mission')) is a Digimon video game for the PlayStation 2.

The game is set in the Digimon Data Squad universe, and revolves around the Seven Great Demon Lords. In this game the player will be able to control the four main Savers characters, Marcus Daimon, Thomas H. Norstein, Yoshino "Yoshi" Fujieda, and Keenan Crier along with their respective Digimon partners. The graphics for this game are cel-shaded and the battle system is similar to the Battle Terminal (a Japanese-only arcade game). This game will be classified as a "special genre", called a "Dramatic/Innovative RPG", which means that the Digimon partners are affected by how you, the player, treat them. The way your Digimon evolves will be similar to Digimon World; the Digimon will be affected by how you take care of it and, depending on that, will digivolve into different types of Digimon. In Digimon World Data Squad, a new type of digivolution method is used, called the Galactica Evolution System: this will determine what Digimon your partner will evolve into. There will also be new, original characters for this game, meaning that these characters are exclusive to Digimon World Data Squad, and will not appear in any other Digimon Data Squad media.

Exclusive characters include Yuma Kagura, who has a male ( changed to female for the US )Renamon as her partner; Kosaburo Katsura, a cocky private investigator who has an extremely clumsy, female Biyomon as his partner; Tsukasa Kagura, who is Yuma's older brother, and the new DATS technician, who graduated from the same academy as Thomas; Masaki Nitta, who is said to be a part of DATS' past, but is currently missing; and Manami Nitta, Masaki's daughter.

Rogue Galaxy

Rogue Galaxy (ローグギャラクシー Rōgu Gyarakushī) is a science fiction console role-playing game developed by Level-5 and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 2. The game was first released in Japan on December 8th, 2005, and later in North America on January 30th, 2007. The European release was initially expected in 2006 but after a series of postponements it was released in most European countries on 5 September 2007. Release in the UK and some other countries followed on 7 September 2007. A Director's Cut version of the game was also released in Japan on March 15, 2007. The Director's Cut included all the added features and improvements of the North American and European localizations.[1]

Rogue Galaxy enjoyed immense critical success upon its initial release in Japan, scoring a 36/40 in Famitsu and an 85 average in Dengeki, two of Japan's most popular gaming magazines. Sales were also very strong for an original IP RPG in Japan, with sales totaling over 350,000 units in just three months.

Full Metal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir

Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir (Devil of the Red Elixir in Japan) is the second console role-playing game for the PlayStation 2 based on the series of the same name. It is the prequel of sorts to Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel. The game has much improved visuals than the previous title, as well as all dialog being voiced over. To help boost sales, Square Enix decided to release the game with a bonus DVD in the United States containing the second and third episodes of Season 2 (episode 27 Teacher and 28 One is all, All is One") of the Fullmetal Alchemist anime series, since the show took a 4 month break in its Adult Swim broadcast. This DVD contains only English audio, with the shortened version of the 2nd OP "READY STEADY GO" by L'Arc~en~Ciel and the shortened 3rd ED "Motherland" by Crystal Kay,since that is the version that was to be shown in the Adult Swim broadcast.

RPG (Role Playing Game)

A role-playing game (RPG; often roleplaying game) is a game in which the participants assume the roles of fictional characters.Participants determine the actions of their characters based on their characterization, and the actions succeed or fail according to a formal system of rules and guidelines. Within the rules, players have the freedom to improvise; their choices shape the direction and outcome of the game.

Most role-playing games are conducted like radio drama: only the spoken component is acted. One player, the game master (GM), creates a setting in which the other players play the role of a single character.The GM describes the game world and its inhabitants; the other players describe the intended actions of their characters, and the GM describes the outcomes. Some outcomes are determined by the game system, and some are chosen by the GM.There is a variety of role-playing game in which players do perform their characters' physical actions, known as live action role-playing games (LARP).

A genre of video game is also referred to as role-playing games. Although these games do not involve the playing of roles,they take their name from the settings and game mechanics which they inherit from early role-playing games.Due to the popularity of video games, the terms "role-playing game" and "RPG" have both to some degree been co-opted by the video gaming industry; as a result, games in which players play the roles of characters are sometimes referred to as "pen and paper" or "tabletop" role-playing games,though neither pen and paper nor a table are strictly necessary.

Akatsuki Info

The Akatsuki kanji means daybreak, breaking down the word itself gives us "aka" meaning red (a common color in the group) and "tsuki" meaning moon. This Organization is a collection of S-Ranked criminals. Many of these are missing-nins who fled their villages after causing death and destruction. With the departure of Orochimaru, the deaths of Sasori, Kakuzu, Deidara and the neutralization of Hidan, there are 6 active Akatsuki members. The group replaced Sasori with "raw" recruit Tobi, who was eager to do his part. Most members wear a forehead protector from their hidden village with a scratch through it, and all seem to wear a ring identifying their position in the organization and a black cloak with red clouds. When the organization members leave to travel the country they will work in groups of two collecting knowledge of new skills and jutsu.

The Groups

Deidara and Sasori

Deidara and Sasori were known for being artists. Deidara uses clay to model his explosive animals and Sasori was a master puppet maker. Deidara acted as the junior in their partnership, deferring to Sasori as the stronger ninja. This did not stop them from getting into spats about the nature of art though. After Sasori's death, Tobi assumed his position and role as Deidara's partner. Deidara was assigned to capture the Ichibi and Tobi the Sanbi. Sasori did not know where his Jinchuuriki was. It is unknown if this was the Sanbi or some other individual.

Deidara and Tobi

Deidara and Tobi share a very strained relationship. Always eager to impress his new teammates, Tobi is prone to excitement. This often annoys Deidara who tries to do his best to show Tobi what it means to be an Akatsuki member. Tobi was assigned to capture the Sanbi. Though he boasts that he took out the beast himself, he was helped in his assignment by Deidara.

Hidan and Kakuzu

Hidan and Kakuzu work together and share a somewhat testy relationship. Hidan follows a very strict religion, which annoys Kakuzu with its long rituals. Hidan is very defensive of the religion, causing Kakuzu to often get tired of his partner's diatribes. Kakuzu on the other hand often makes side-trips to collect bounties, which annoys Hidan. Hidan was assigned to capture the Nibi. It is unknown what tailed beast Kakuzu was assigned.

Itachi and Kisame

Itachi and Kisame work together and form a rather strong partnership. Both men seem to respect each other and Kisame seems to act as the junior in the group, deferring to Itachi's decisions. Itachi was assigned to capture the Kyuubi and Kisame was assigned the Yonbi.

Pain and Konan

Pain and Konan work together, carrying out a partnership that has lasted since their youth in the Rain Country. Both report to Uchiha Madara, who operates in the guise of Tobi.

Uchiha Itachi

Fire Country; Hidden Leaf Village
Age: 18 Height: 175.2 CM Weight: 57.1 KG
Birthday: June 9th
Bloodtype: AB
First Seen: Chapter 139; Anime Episode 080
Hoshigaki Kisame,UchihaSasuke

There is no more complex character in the world of Naruto than Itachi of the Uchiha clan. He is somewhat alone in his own universe, nobody so far has been able to approach him enough to know his true intentions. We do know that Itachi is a member of Akatsuki, and it would seem that he is a feared and respected member amongst the group of missing-nins. His goal, if it is the same as the rest of the group, is to bring back all of the "tailed" demons, from the one that Gaara has in his body, to Kyuubi that lies sealed in Naruto. Itachi is a lonely guy, from what we could see from the few glimpses we have gotten of his past, he spent most of his time alone and training in the wild, or doing missions for the Konohagakure police force or ANBU Squad. It is known that Itachi had one close friend by the name of Uchiha Shisui, but it seems as if this was only because Itachi needed someone to obtain the infamous Mangekyou Sharingan. Cold with everyone, even his own family, the only person that was able to approach him enough to get a smile out of him was his little brother, Sasuke. It seems as if this behaviour was only a mask to hide Itachi's more and more murderous intentions.

Even though Itachi became like this, he had everything an aspiring ninja could want. Very talented from the beginning, Itachi showed to be more than promising as he was the top rookie of the academy and he graduated in only one year at the age of seven! A year later, at the age of eight, he was able to activate the Uchiha Clans special Advanced Bloodline ability of the Sharingan, which is exceptional for one of such a young age, even his brother Sasuke could not activate this until the age of twelve. Boosted with this new ability Itachi became a Chuunin at the age of ten. Later Itachi would be a Jounin and ANBU squad leader at the age of only thirteen. Tired of being surrounded by people he considered as weak low-lives, Itachi decided to test his own strength in a sickening way. He began his evil deeds by killing his best friend Uchiha Shisui, and with this he obtained the greatest technique achievable by his bloodline, The Mangekyou Sharingan. It would be awhile before Itachi would commit his next act, when he would finally let his murderous intents take over.

One night, dressed in his ANBU suit, he began the last act he would perform in Konoha for many years, the killing of his entire clan. He succeeded with no trouble at all, killing everyone including his Mother and Father, the only person he spared for twisted reasons was his little brother, Sasuke. There are many reasons why this could be, one is because he wanted his brother to live a life of suffering, tortured by the death of all whom he loved. Another is because Itachi possibly did not want to suffer the guilt of being responsible for the death of his entire clan, so he left one of them alive. Or, perhaps, Itachi wanted his brother to grow strong, strong enough so that one day he may be worth fighting, his last words to Sasuke were that he was not even worth killing.

The fighting style of Itachi is perhaps the most frightening of all those we have seen so far. He has mastered every aspect of the art of Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu. His fighting style mainly revolves around a combination of many illusionary techniques mixed with ultra-fast moves that even an experienced Jounin such as Hatake Kakashi could barely keep up with. Itachi's Sharingan provides even more terrifying Genjutsu for him to use, and Uzumaki Naruto has experience it one too many times! But the most terrifying aspect of Itachi is his infamous Mangekyou Sharingan, the deadliest form of them all. The Mangekyou casts off a Genjutsu (Tsukiyomi) that is absolutely impossible to dispel, a technique that can completely submerge the victim in to a parallel world where time for he or she passes much slower for in an instant in the real world, 24 hours passes in this dimension, The World of the Grasping Moon, as Itachi calls it. What really makes this technique deadly however, is the fact that the user can do anything to his victim that he wants, from making him relive moments of his life, to torturing him for 72 hours at a time with the blink of an eye. The proof that this technique is so powerful lies in the fact that even Kakashi has fallen victim to it and remained broken, powerless and ill for days.


A taxi passenger tapped the driver on the shoulder to ask him a question. The driver screamed, lost control of the car, nearly hit a bus, went up on the footpath, and stopped centimeters from a shop window.

For a second everything went quiet in the cab, then the driver said, "Look mate, don't ever do that again. You scared the daylights out of me!"

The passenger apologized and said, "I didn't realize that a little tap would scare you so much." The driver replied, "Sorry, it's not really your fault. Today is my first day as a cab driver - I've been driving a funeral van for the last 25 years.


A drunk gets up from the bar to take a leak. A few minutes later, a loud, blood-curling scream is heard coming from the bathroom. A few minutes after that, another loud scream reverberates through the bar. The bartender goes into the bathroom to investigate what the drunk is screaming about. "What's all the screaming about in there? You're scaring my customers!" "I'm just sitting here on the toilet and every time I try to flush, something comes up and squeezes the hell out of my balls." With that, the bartender opens the door, looks in and says, "You idiot! You're sitting on the mop bucket!"

Slow Turtle

A turtle was walking down an alley in New York when he was mugged by a gang of snails. A police detective came to investigate and asked the turtle if he could explain what happened. The turtle looked at the detective with a confused look on his face and replied "I don't know, it all happened so fast."

Naruto Ninja Rankings

Academy Students - This is where everyone interested in becoming a Ninja must first start out. It's almost like a pre-ninja stage. You aren't officially considered a ninja yet, but you're in the training of becoming one. This is usually the stage where you'll see all the little kids. Academy Students usually graduate around the age of 12. During the training of the academy, students don't do any missions, but learn about what becoming a ninja means and practicing basic techniques that everyone should know before becoming a real ninja.

Lower Ninja - Also known as a Genin, this is the stage an Academy Student reaches after successfully graduating the Academy. They are now considered an official ninja. When this happens the passing students from the academy are split into groups of 3 people; each group with their own Elite Ninja instructor. The instructor will supervise them on missions and help prepare them for becoming a Middle Ninja. Lower Ninja's missions usually consist of more tedious / unskillful tasks like Weeding, Finding Lost Pets and so on.

Middle Ninja - Also known as a Chuunin, once becoming this level of a Ninja, much more skill and responsibility is required. Middle Ninja's now not only protect themselves in a mission, but the team assigned to them. Middle Ninjas usually have less time to train themselves, and spend their days serving the Kages and teaching Academy Students. Becoming a Middle Ninja is an extremely hard thing to do, and if accomplished shows a great amount of skill in a ninja.

Elite Ninja - Also known a Jounin, this level of Ninja is extremely hard to achieve, and is quite an accomplishment if achieved. This is the next level above a Middle Ninja, and just like the jump from Lower Ninja to Middle Ninja, the jump from Middle Ninja to Elite Ninja is big. It hasn't yet been shown how to achieve this rank of Ninja, but judging by how powerful an Elite Ninja is, it's got to be extremely hard. Elite Ninjas take on the highest ranked missions and are sometimes required to teach Lower Ninjas (i.e. Kakashi with Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura).

Anbu - Greatly skilled, Anbu Ninjas specialize in 3 categories; Assassination, Espionage, and Protection. You could almost think of this ninja level, as a sub-ranking within Special Elites. Like Hunter-Nins, the identity of these ninjas are never revealed, but we do Sasuke's older brother Itachi used to be one. Like Genins, Anbu Ninjas are split into groups of 3 and lead by a higher ranking ninja, which in this case is a Special Elite.

Special Elite - The same as an Elite Ninja, but specializes in a certain field, like medicine or chakra manipulation. In some ways this can be easier to achieve than a regular Elite Ninja, because you only need to be really good at one aspect of being a Ninja, where regular Elites need to be really good and lots of different things. Anbu captains would fall under this category since they are also very specialized.

Missing-Nin - This is the title given to any ninja, regardless of whatever rank they currently belong to, that have left and abandoned their home village. Because they have left their village, and could leak out important information to enemy villages, they are hunted down and killed. Leaving a village is acceptable, aslong as you are to stay affiliated with it.

Hunter-Nin - Also known as Body Erasers, these Ninjas and trained for the soul purpose of hunting down Missing-Nins and killing them. This is to prevent a Missing-Nin from ever leaking out important information about their home village. Hunter-Nins when trained are taught how to kill people, and learn things like where the weak points in a person's body is. All Hunter-Nins wear face masked and they're identity is not revealed.

Sage - Also known as a sennin, this rank of Ninja consists of Ninjas who are close to, or possibly stronger than that of a Kage Ninja. This type of Ninja was usually choose to live outside of their own village, but are forced to keep in touch with it, so not become a Missin-Nin and get hunted down. 3 examples of Ninjas who fall into this rank of ninja are Jiraiya, Tsunade (Who is now a Kage), and Orochimaru.

- The highest level of Ninja that can achieved, Kages are extremely powerful, and know many different techniques. There can only be one Kage per village, and this Ninja is the one in charge of that village. Having strength matched by virtually no one (except perhaps a Sage), they are extremely respected by others. Each of Ninja villages calls their Kage a slightly different name. Here are the names used by the villages, along with what that name means. Ho (Fire), Kaze (Wind), Mizu (Water), Rai (Lightning), Tsuchi (Earth). Each of those names is put infront of the word Kage. For example, Ho (Fire), would be Hokage, and Kaze (Wind), would be Kazekage.

Doujutsu (Eye Techniques)


Millionaire's House

I recently paid a visit to a millionaire's house, and ended up not having anything to drink despite the offer.
Below is how the offer was made to me:

Question: "What would you like to have..... Fruit juice, Soda, Tea,
Chocolate, Milo, or Coffee?"
Answer: "Tea please"
Question: "Ceylontea, Herbal tea, Bush tea, Honey bush tea, Ice tea or green tea?"
Answer: "Ceylontea"
Question: "How would you like it? Black or white?"
Answer: "White"
Question: "Milk, Whitener, or Condensed milk?"
Answer: "With milk."
Question: "Goat milk, Camel milk or cow milk"
Answer: "With cow milk please."
Question: "Milk from Freezeland cow or Afrikaner cow?"
Answer: "Uhmm? I will take it black."
Question: "Would you like it with sweetener, sugar or honey?"
Answer: "With sugar"
Question:" Beet sugar or cane sugar?"
Answer: "Cane sugar"
Question:" White, brown or yellow sugar?"
Answer: "Wow! Forget about tea just give me a glass of water instead."
Question: "Mineral water or still water?"
Answer: "Mineral water"
Question: "Flavored or non-flavored?"
Answer: "Gee! I give up.... just forget about everything."

Bar Jokes

Two weasels are sitting on a bar stool. One starts to insult the other one.
He screams, "I slept with your mother!"
The bar gets quiet as everyone listens to see what the other weasel will do.
The first again yells, "I SLEPT WITH YOUR MOTHER!"
The other says, "Go home dad you're drunk."

Fool's Paradise

"If there are any idiots in the room, will they please stand up," said the sarcastic teacher. After a long silence, one freshman rose to his feet.

"Now then mister, why do you consider yourself an idiot?" inquired the teacher with a sneer.

"Well, actually I don't," said the student, "but I hate to see you standing up there all by yourself."

Hounded Out

Upon entering a little country store, a stranger noticed a sign reading, "Danger! Beware of Dog" posted on the glass door. Inside, he noticed a harmless old hound dog asleep on the floor besides the cash register.

He asked the store manager, "Is that the dog folks are supposed to beware of?"

"Yep, that's him," he replied.

The stranger couldn't help but be amused. "That certainly doesn't look like a dangerous dog to me. Why in the world would you post that sign?"

"Because," the owner replied, "before I posted that sign, people kept tripping over him."

Itachi Death Farewell To Sasuke

Uchiha Itachi

Hand Seal

To perform most attacks, hand seals combined with chakra are used. Each of the main hand seals is based on an animal from the Chinese Zodiac, and shown below are a picture of that hand seal along with the name in English.

1. Rooster 2. Boar 3. Dog 4. Dragon 5. Hare 6. Horse 7. Monkey 8.Ox 9. Ram 10.Rat 11. Snake 12. Tiger

1.a9mk.gif 2.a9mk1.gif 3. a8vr.gif

4.a8ui.gif 5.a4bz.gif 6.a1xu.gif
7.a2hu.gif 8.a3ef.gif 9.a2wv.gif


There are many other Hand Seals, but they work slightly different than the ones shown above. They are like finishing seals. Instead of being a used in many different jutsus, they're designated to their own specific jutsu, and appear after all the regular Hand Seals are made.

Naruto Opening Theme



Bijuu are demons that exist in the world of Naruto, they are also known in as demons in Japanese mythology. There are nine in total. Each one has an incredible amount of chakra within them, to try and combat these powerful beasts and stop the destruction they cause they were captured and sealed inside new born babies using a powerful technique that would kill the person using it. The Fourth Hokage was one of those people who sacrificed their life to seal a Bijuu and protect the world from chaos. When the human has a demon sealed inside them they are known as Jinchuriki, so far there are only two known Jinchuriki and they are Gaara and Naruto. Every demon has a different amount of tails, ranging from one tail to nine.

Seal used on Naruto

One Tailed Demon - Ichibi no Shukaku, takes the form of a racoon. This demon is sealed within Gaara of the Desert, because of this Gaara has the ability to control the sand around him. Other translations include: Shukaku, One tailed Shukaku, Tanuki.

Two Tailed Demon - Nibi no Nekomata, takes the form of a cat in Japanese mythology. This demon has not featured in the Naruto series as of yet.

Three Tailed Demon - Sanbi no Isonade, takes the form of a fish in Japanese mythology. This demon has not featured in the Naruto series as of yet.

Four Tailed Demon - Yonbi no Sokou, takes the form of a reptile like creature in Japanese mythology. This demon has not featured in the Naruto series as of yet.

Five Tailed Demon - Gobi no Houkou, takes the form of a dog in Japanese mythology. This demon has not featured in the Naruto series as of yet.

Six Tailed Demon - Rokubi no Raijuu, takes the form of weasel in Japanese mythology. This demon has not featured in the Naruto series as of yet.

Seven Tailed Demon - Shichibi no Kaku, takes the form of a badger in Japanese mythology. This demon has not featured in the Naruto series as of yet.

Eight Tailed Demon - Hachibi no Hachimata, takes the form of a snake in Japanese mythology. This demon has not featured in the Naruto series as of yet.

Nine Tailed Demon - Kyuubi no Yoko, takes the form of a fox. This demon is sealed within Uzumaki Naruto who has incredible stamina and can summon large amounts of the Kyuubi's chakra. However Naruto has not yet learned how to fully control the awesome power of Kyuubi. Other translations include: Kyuubi, Nine Tailed Demon Fox, Kitsune.


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