Presentation for LAJ 100

today i have a presentation for my japan language. i am very satisfied with all the scene that i am doing. i am really happy because one of the scene that we make, we have 4 pieces of cake that we buy. that scene is to celebrate a friend birthday and that person is me. hehehe. cake wa oishi desu. anyway i am having fun leaning this language because i am a big fan of anime. that why i take subject. my exam is near so i want to wish all my friend a good luck for the exam and have a nice long vacation after final exam.bye......

Script Japan presentation


Final Fantasy XIII is already out for console Xbox 360... i want to play this game, but i don't have Xbox 360 OR PS3. I'm dying to play this game....WHY???? i am very frustrated about this.why must they make a very good game only for ps3 and Xbox 360. What about ps2?? i hate it. another game that already come out is God of War III.this game is also my favourite but it only come out for ps3. anyway here some of the pic that i get from gamespot for FF XIII... have fun....bye..

Alif は hansamu です...

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