Blood + Anime

Plot Summary: Throughout the passage of time and the shifts in backgrounds, a particular war continues to leave its mark on history, extending its influence into the modern world. There are two major groups involved in the ensuring war. The first group consists of monsters known as Chiropterans who can change their appearances into that of human beings. They are actually immortals who feed on the blood of the living. The second group is an organisation known as the "Red Shield", formed to track down these monsters and exterminate them. Otonashi Saya is a high-school girl who lives a peaceful life with her family. The only problem is, she has no recollections of her life beyond that of the past year. However, her happy life will be destroyed by an event that will lead her to her destined fate.

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Blood+ (manga) (adaptation)
Blood+ Adagio (manga) (spinoff)
Blood+ Yakō Jōshi (manga) (spinoff)

Alternative title:
Blood, el último vampiro (Spanish)
Кровь+ (Russian)
بلود + (Arabic)
ブラッドプラス (Japanese)
블러드+ (Korean)

Age rating: Mature (May contain sex, drugs, and extreme graphic violence)

Shakugan No Shana

Shakugan No Shana Season 1

Plot Summary: Sakai Yuuji, a high school student who expected his normal life to last forever, is dead. When he was on his way home he witnessed a shocking view as the world suddenly froze: people were engulfed by blue flames and a monster resembling a large doll swallowed them. Just as the monster prepared to consume Yuuji, a sword-wielding girl in black attire with flaming red eyes and hair that burns like embers saved him from the monster. The girl called herself a "Flame Haze" who hunts the "Guze no Tomogara", creatures from another world. As Yuuji noticed a blue flame in his chest, she called him a "Torch", a temporary replacement, saying that the "real" Yuuji's existence had already ended. Unfazed, Yuuji befriended the strange girl, named her "Shana", and joined her fight against Tomogara and other Flame Hazes.

Shakugan No Shana Season 2

Plot Summary: Shana and Alastor, Lord of the Crimson Realm continue to do battle with the Denizens, who are trying to steal the Power of Existence from mortals. In the last battle, Yuji is revealed to be a mystes, a "torch" of nearly unlimited Power of Existince. Since the Denizens want to capture Yuji and use him to upset the balance of the Realm, Shana resolves to protect Yuji. Yuji then vows to join Shana in her fight.

Macross Frontier


After being threatened by extinction at the hands of alien invaders called the Zentradi, humanity undertook the task of guaranteeing itself a future by launching fleets of colony ships into space. On Macross Frontier, one such fleet, high school student Saotome Alto's life is changed forever: the fleet is suddenly attacked by unidentified creatures while he is performing aerial stunts for a concert by the wildly popular idol Sheryl.

Alto quickly finds himself in the cockpit of a new-model fighter struggling to protect Ranka Lee, a young girl he met only hours earlier, from the invaders' swath of destruction. Noting his performance during this incident, the S.M.S. Skull Squadron private military company invites Alto to join their organization, where he continues protecting his friends and Macross Frontier.


Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 3, 2008 to Sep 25, 2008
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older

Fate Stay Night Anime

Plot Summary: Shirou Emiya lost his parents in a fire when he was young and was later adopted by a sorceror by the name of Kiritsugu Emiya. Although he was full of admiration for his adopted father and yearns to become an ally of justice, Shirou has limited powers and was unable to become a strong sorceror like his father. That is until one fateful day, he was drawn into the Holy Grail War and had to summon a female "Servant" known as Saber in order to protect himself. It turns out that the Holy Grail War involves a series of battles among powerful sorcerors to fight for the possession of a relic that will grant one's wishes, the Holy Grail. There are altogether seven "Masters" who can summon their respective "Servants" from different classes known as Saber, Archer, Rider, Berserker, Lancer, Caster and Assasin. These "Servants" have to hide their names in order not to reveal their weaknesses to the enemies. The story revolves around Shirou and his entanglement in the Holy Grail War.


Title : Fate/stay night
Japanese Title : Fate/stay night
Official Site :
Category : TV
Total Episodes : 24
Genres : Action, Drama, Game, Magic
Year Published : 2006
Release Date : 2006-01-06 ∼ 2006-06-16
Broadcaster : -
Studio : Studio Deen
US Distribution : Geneon Entertainment
User Rating : 7.7/10.0 (45 reviews) (top 200: # 179) (Statistic)

Buso Renkin


Buso Renkin is the story of teenager Kazuki Muto, who dies trying to save a girl who was being attacked by an eerie monster. The next morning, however, Kazuki is left wondering whether it was all a dream. Lo and behold, the girl, the monster, and his death are all real! The girl, Tokiko Tsumura, was actually trying to slay the homunculus (a beast that can take the form of humans, but whose main source of food is people), but Kazuki got in her way. To revive Kazuki, Tokiko replaces his heart with a "kakugane," an alchemic device that allows him to summon a lance with which to fight the monsters. It turns out that Tokiko is a member of Renkin Kenshi (Alchemist Soldiers), an organization sworn to protect the world from the diabolical creatures. Soon, Kazuki joins Tokiko in her quest to terminate the sinister being that creates and controls the homunculus. (Source: Viz)


Type: Manga
Volumes: 10
Chapters: 82
Status: Finished
Published: 2003 to 2006
Authors: Watsuki, Nobuhiro (Story & Art)
Serialization: Shounen Jump (Weekly)

R.O.D the TV Anime


Anita, Maggie and Michelle are three sisters who run a detective agency in Hong Kong. The two older sisters (Maggie and Michelle) are crazy about books although Anita is not. Far from being normal detectives, the three are actually paper-users - people with the ability to form and control paper just like Yomiko Readman. They later find themselves as bodyguards to the author Sumiregawa Nenene, who in turn used to be friends with Yomiko in her younger days. However, as events unravel, they begin to question the very nature of the organizations involved in this whole scheme. What is the mysterious organization Dokusensha, and why does it want certain books retrieved? What do the British and Chinese governments have to do with this? What is the reason behind Yomiko "The Paper" Readman's sudden disappearance?


Type: TV Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Sep 1, 2003 to Mar 16, 2004
Producers: J.C. Staff, Broccoli, Production Reed, Studio DEEN, Geneon Universal EntertainmentL, Aniplex
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi, Super Power
Duration: 25 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older

Eureka 7 Anime

Renton Thurston is a 14-year-old boy who lived with his mechanic grandfather in a backwater town. Every day he dreamed of being with the mercenary "Light Finding Operation (LFO)" aircraft pilot group "Gekkostate" and riding "Trapar" particle waves-- a sport called "reffing"-- with their charismatic leader Holland, especially when faced with his father's acclaimed past or his grandfather's desire to protect him. When a young girl named Eureka riding the original LFO, the "Nirvash typeZERO", asks his grandfather for a tune-up, she inadvertently brings the attention of the military to the garage; as a result, the garage is destroyed and Renton is forced to deliver a new type of interface-- the "Amita Drive"-- to the Nirvash. After a heated fight in which the Nirvash destroys the military LFOs by unleashing an immense amount of power, Renton is invited into Gekkostate. However, he quickly realizes that behind the facade of a traveling group of mercenaries is a very bitter reality. (Source: ANN)


Type: TV
Episodes: 50
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 17, 2005 to Apr 2, 2006
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older

Going to "Jitra"

I steal this picture from nomi blog.hehehe

Yesterday, me and my friends went to cik amni house at jitra to see her new born baby. we went there by taking public transportation to go to the Jitra. It is really exhausted. we arrived there at 9.00 pm. There are no single hotel or motel that is available because because it is all booked up. Our last trump card is to call cik amni and there we were sleeping at her house. That was the frst time i met cik amni parents. her parents are very friendly and talktative especially her father. it is fun talk with cik amni father although i am the one who silent most of the time. speaking of baby, cik amni baby is so cute. her name is nauwal. what a nice name. the next day fahmi also came to cik amni house to see the baby. at 12.00 pm we took a leave from cik amni house to visit the Jitra Mall. after that we went back to USM at 4.00 pm an arrived back at USM at 7.30 pm.

Thank you to cik amni and her parents for giving us a shelter and for all the food they served to us. It's really delicious......

Thank you to Fahmi for accompanied us during our way back to Shahab Bus Station....

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