Tidus VS Jecht

Squall VS Ultimecia

I love FINAL FANTASY DISSIDIA........this is the original video taken from my psp...

First Look: Dissidia Final Fantasy 2

Square Enix made formal announcement today of something we reported on last week courtesy of Jump. Dissidia Final Fantasy is getting a sequel, and it's going playable at the Tokyo Game Show later this week.

As reported last week, the new game is titled Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy. The "Duodecim" can be written as a 012, it seems.

Incidentally, in our headline, we wrote the name as Dissidia Final Fantasy 2 in order to avoid confusion. But you're probably already confused beyond repair. Blame Tetsuya Nomura for that!

Duodecim will add new characters, new maps, new BGM, and new battle system elements to the Final Fantasy crossover fight. A whole lot of new features, to be sure, but we only know of two specifics: playable Lightning (from FFXIII) and playable Kain (from FFIV). Square Enix assures that there will be more new characters than just these two.

taken from http://psp.ign.com/articles/111/1119821p1.html

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