Final Fantasy Type-0 Updated Impressions: Enter the Golem

With the last Final Fantasy game on the PSP being a fighting game with role-playing game elements, gamers have been clamoring for a real RPG from the revered franchise for their portable system. Square Enix recently showed off about 20 minutes of new gameplay footage from the upcoming action RPG Final Fantasy Type-0 during the Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy tournament held over the weekend in Japan. Game director Hajime Tabata was commentating during the showing to give viewers an insight into the recent build. 

As we covered before, the Suzaku school of magic will be the main character's base of operations in Final Fantasy Type-0. Your character, called Rem, is able to walk around the school corridors to converse with students or even delve into the history of the game's universe. At the bottom right of the screen is a counter that determines how long until the next mission starts. Players can also kill time by exploring random locations on the world map and travel there via airship for the purpose of grinding and leveling up. Tabata did just that and picked a yet-to-be-named snow field area. 

As soon as Rem set foot on the field, she was greeted by random monsters ready to put her six feet under. Luckily, she had two other fighters accompanying her. Much of the combat that was shown here was already described in our previous write-up, though Tabata stressed that combat will be very dependent on magic; so much so that every kill will net Rem and company with phantoma energy that recovers a bit of their mana points. Players can also use this energy to customize and upgrade their character's magic. 

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact PSP

Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Impact is slated to be released in Japan in the fall of 2011. Set during the Invasion of Pain Arc and Fourth Shinobi World War, the game play is similar to Dynasty Warriors. Release: TBA (US)

Playable Characters

Naruto 540

Bleach 449


All goes well with his happy for it.....:):)

'Supernatural' Loses an Angel: Misha Collins Won't Be a Series Regular in Season 7


There's big news in the 'Supernatural' realm: Misha Collins, who plays the angel Castiel, won't be a series regular in season 7 of the CW show. 'Supernatural' executive producer and showrunner Sera Gamble told TV Line's Vlada Gelman that though there will be angelic story lines next season, they'll be more "self-enclosed."

"We love Misha. We love and adore the character of Castiel," Gamble said. "His character developed to this extent and went in this unexpected direction because we were so inspired by him."

The unexpected development in Friday's season finale (which I wrote about here): Cas has incredible new powers, which he acquired when he broke open Purgatory and used the souls there to give himself god-like abilities.

Collins joined the show in season 4 and was an instant fan favorite. The actor was made a series regular for seasons 5 and 6, but some 'Supernatural' devotees were disappointed that there wasn't more of his angelic presence in season 6, which saw Cas making a secret pact with Crowley, the king of Hell.

Castiel's ascension to god-like status will be "what we'll be exploring next season," Gamble said. He'll return for the season opener, but beyond that, Gamble couldn't say much without giving away some season 7 story lines.

"When it comes to 'Supernatural,' our philosophy is that everyone moves in and out and weaves in and out of the story, obviously with the exception of Sam and Dean," Gamble added.

TV Line's Gelman also noted that two important names -- Eric Kripke and Ben Edlund -- were not mentioned the recent CW "Upfront" press release about the network's 2011-2012 season. Kripke, who stepped down as showrunner but kept the title executive producer for season 6, created 'Supernatural,' and Edlund, a longtime writer who's penned many fan-favorite episodes, held the title executive producer in seasons 5 and 6.

Though their names were not mentioned in the Upfront press release, Gamble said that they're both still working on the show.

"Their titles have changed," Gamble said. "There are a lot of technical and contractual reasons that people's titles change that don't necessarily reflect their level of involvement or commitment to the show. ... They've been in the [writers] room with me every day this week."

Speaking of season 7, what do we know about it? Here's what the CW 2011-2012 press release had to say about what's to come in the fall:

"[I]n season seven, the Winchesters will find themselves in an increasingly sinister, changing landscape, up against a new foe unlike anything they've ever fought. They'll find their old tricks, weapons and hiding places all rendered useless. All they'll have is each other. And the certainty that, like the last of the cowboy outlaws, whatever they face, they're not going down without a fight."

Hmmm... what makes me a little uneasy is this part of the press release: "All they'll have is each other." In my review of the season 6 finale, I talked about how the Winchesters' world seems pretty limited these days, if not a little claustrophobic. I hope season 7 isn't just Sam and Dean almost all of the time. As much as I love the performances of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, the supporting and recurring characters are a big part of what makes the show's world interesting and emotionally rich.

Bleach 448

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